1. Pour Decisions
    Nuno Of VLP & Kuntry Dela Rosa

  2. Hip Hop With My Coffee

  3. Love For My City
    Lil Kris, D-Serenity, Texa$, Jay 9, Mike G & ChuCho

  4. Alien
    Strange D.O.C.

  5. Ganja
    Ktina ft Mr. Rangel & Strange D.O.C.

  6. Kill The Moon
    Strange D.O.C.

  7. Monstarz
    Strange D.O.C.

  8. I Do This Shit

  9. Maybe Next Time
    Nuno Of VLP

  10. Problems
    Young Fresh, Adam Asylum & Tre 6

  11. The Art Of Storytellin' Part 2
    Strange D.O.C.

  12. Straight Lit
    Adam Asylum

  13. Cursed
    Strange D.O.C.

  14. Dead Poptart

  15. Freddy Ruger II

  16. Tales From The Orphanage

  17. Lifted
    Yung Beezy

  18. The Art Of Storytellin'
    Strange D.O.C.

  19. Dragging Me Down
    Strange D.O.C.

  20. Hit The Road
    Strange D.O.C. ft. Ktina & Luna

  21. Bow Down
    Strange D.O.C. ft Kuntry Dela Rosa, HD Trilla & Nuno

  22. Free Downloads
    VocalLord Productions

  23. Trap House Kitchen
    Yung Beezy

  24. Night Dreams & Day Mares

  25. 3For3
    Kuntry Dela Rosa, Yung Beezy & Rey Costa

  26. Leaving It All Behind

  27. Freddy Ruger
    Don Serenity

  28. The Network Vol. 3: Conversion Theory

  29. Till I Pass Out

  30. The Life
    D-Serenity & Lil Kris

  31. Karoshi
    Nuno Of VLP

  32. No End In Sight
    Lil Kris

  33. Underground Mixtape

  34. The EA$Y MONEY Mixtape Vol. 2
    Nuno Of VLP

  35. The Takeover - Aggressive Expansion
    VocalLord Productions

  36. 10 Years In The Making

  37. The Network Volume 2
    Nuno Of VLP & Flaco Of Dead End Street

  38. I'm A VocalLord The Mixtape
    VocalLord Productions

  39. The EA$Y MONEY Mixtape
    Nuno Of VLP

  40. The Network Mixtape Vol. 1
    Nuno Of VLP & Duke Of KRP

  41. West Texas Easter
    Nuno Of VLP Presents

  42. Local Legend
    Nuno Of VLP

  43. The Free CD Vol. 4
    Nuno Of VLP Presents

  44. The Free ALBUM Vol. 3
    VocalLord Productions

  45. The Free CD Vol. 2 Slowed & Chopped By E.Luzion
    Nuno Of VLP & E.Luzion Present

  46. The Free CD Vol. 2
    Nuno Of VLP Presents

  47. The Free CD Vol. 1
    Nuno Of VLP Presents


VLP Lubbock, Texas

A dynamic group of artists, Nuno, D-Serenity, Big Rod, Jurey and Ktina were brought together by a mutual respect and desire to create music unlike anything which is being produced in the mainstream today. Each artist brings a different background, and therefore, a different element to every track that is produced. With a solid catalog of mixtapes and albums, VocalLord Productions is here to stay! ... more

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